Homemade Valentine Cards Using Celery as a Rose Stamp

Homemade Valentine cards are so fun to make. Have you ever tried it? You can create them at any age and they make the perfect keepsakes and gifts.

I adore the idea of using celery as a rose flower stamp. Have you ever seen this done? It is so neat.

I am going to show you how to make these easy homemade cards. You likely will already have everything on hand- I know I did. I even had celery for an upcoming soup recipe. Score!

My boys are so excited to mail these to grandparents, cousins and other family and friends. Your kids will love them too.

homemade valentine cards for kids

You Will Need:

  • celery, with the end cut off
  • acrylic paint– any color (we used red, pink, green and gold)
  • small paint brush, for painting on the stem
  • paper plates, for holding your paint
  • glitter (use salt if you do not have any glitter)
  • white cardstock or blank white cards
  • stamp that says made by (optional)
  • stamp pad (if you’re doing a made by stamp)

acrylic paint for crafts

Squirt your paint onto paper plates.

Grab your celery. This is what it will look like when you chop the end off of it. Have you ever noticed it looks just like a flower? How neat is that?

Reserve the celery stalks for cooking.

celery used for rose stamp

Dip the celery rose into the paint.

painting with celery

Make sure it is evenly coated with paint.

using celery to make a rose stamp

Take a sheet of card stock folded in half to look like a greeting card, or use these blank greeting cards.

Stamp the card with the celery.

And you have a rose!

homemade valentine cards

We alternated colors between pink and red.

Some of the colors ran together and we loved it even more!

homemade valentine cards kids can make

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the rose with glitter or salt.

Shake off any excess.

add glitter

Use the paint brush to draw a stem on the rose. I made little leaves too.

homemade rose valentine card

Matthew had fun painting his stems and leaves.

homemade valentine cards preschoolers can make

He said he likes big, big leaves!

(This is where I want to say, “Wait, wait! Small leaves!”. Then I remember this is his project.)

homemade valentine cards using celery as a stamp

Luke wanted to add grass to his. Totally his idea and I thought it was great.

easy homeamde valentine cards

He also wanted to add a sun- and I just happened to have some gold acrylic paint.

We sprinkled glitter on the sun too.

painted homemade valentine cards

We stamped the back of the card with a handmade by stamp.

You can certainly free hand this, but I already have the stamp and I love the way it looks.

Then the boys can just write their name under it.

handmade for you by stampLet them dry.

These are perfect for giving to family and friends for Valentine’s Day.

Fill out the inside with a sweet message or drawing.

how to make homemade valentine cards

The hard part is deciding who gets each one.

I just love them!

homemade valentine cards kids can make using celery and paint

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