10 Printable Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

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Every year we travel to Grandma and Grandpa Lopez’s house in San Antonio for Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of utilizing some of these printable Thanksgiving placemats for the boys to doodle on while we’re traveling and on Thanksgiving Day as my mother-in-law and I get the turkey dinner done.

Here is an awesome collection of printable Thanksgiving placemats that I think you will love and enjoy just as much as we will. (For more fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids, check out all of our Fall crafts.)

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10 Printable Thanksgiving Placemats

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start getting your kids into the holiday spirit! One fun way to do this is by giving them their very own thanksgiving placemats to color.

Let your kids go wild with their creativity, and they’ll be sure to have a blast! Plus, it’ll be one less thing for you to worry about come Thanksgiving Day. So why not give it a try? Your kids will love it!

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And while you’re at it, grab some of our favorite Thanksgiving books that your kids will love. Read them in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and use them as activities for the kids to entertain themselves with while you are working on cooking your Thanksgiving feast!


Thanksgiving Books for Kids:

10 Printable Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids


  1. Thank you!!! My mother in law sent me a message that she needs all of my boys (and nephews) to be calm all day on Thanksgiving because she is hosting her family for Thanksgiving. There are 5 grandsons…the oldest is 7. I have no idea how she plans on “calm”, but I’m kinda stressing out. I think I’ll print out a variety and let the boys pick. This should at least keep them calm during the meal, I hope!

    1. Great idea Jackie! What I love about these is there are so many different activities on many of them. So, it should keep them pretty entertained through dinner. And grab some of the books I listed at the library and you guys can read afterwards too. So many interesting facts in some of those books and other stories (like 10 Fat Turkeys) they’ll find hilarious!

      Believe me, I can relate, our 5-6 hour drive to San Antonio is hard on my kids in the car if they are not sleeping. I think I am going to use many of these placemat printables on the drive. 🙂

  2. Michelle @ Life on the Horizon says:

    I asked my SIL if I needed to print any out – she said, no – there are only two kids. Guess what I’ll be doing Tuesday and Wednesday. Printing them out. For me! Thanks for all your awesomeness on the blog. Wishing you and your family a great Thanksgiving.

  3. This is a great roundup of Thanksgiving placemats. I wish my daughter was still young. I know she would love these.
    Thank you for bringing this great post to the In and Out of the Kitchen party. I have pinned it and shared on Facebook! See you next week.

  4. Theses are great! Thanks for sharing!


  5. These are amazing. With having two great-nieces (18 months and 4 years) at Thanksgiving this year, I am hoping that we can keep them occupied and not too overwhelmed. We are trying to get dinner served and finished right at their nap times so that we don’t have little grumpy girls. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely be printing out all of these.

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