10 Tips for Making Homemade Birthday Invitations (DIY)

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I want to show you how to use scrapbook paper, photos, stamps and other simple supplies to make sweet and personal birthday party invitations for your little ones next birthday party! While you are here, check out all of my birthday party ideas.

I love using scrapbook paper! And get this, I do not scrapbook.

The next time you are at the craft store, go down the aisles of the scrapbook section and there are endless possibilities for making things other than scrapbooks.


Now, you should also know I am a fan of birthday parties. I love to make the invitations. You can go fancy, you can go simple. In the end, you have an awesome keepsake and when you incorporate a picture of your little one(s), it is a special treat for those on the receiving end. You can make copies of pictures very inexpensively at your local drug store. (Make sure you own the rights to the photographs.)

10 Tips for Homemade Birthday Invitations

1) Start by buying a bundle of blank cards at your local craft store. You can buy them folded or flat and they come in many sizes. Most packs come with the envelopes, but double check.

2) Find some scrapbook paper that you love. To me, argyle screams boy the way that eyelet says girl. I love this collection of paper: stripes, argyle and dots. We could make anything with this!

3) With a current photo, your scrapbook paper, and fancy edged scissors, you’ve got a keeper!

4) I like to use craft glue to secure the photo to the scrapbook paper and then use foamy self sticky dots to then attach the ensemble it to the card. Foamy sticky dots rock because they give your card character (giving it a lift), but they also allow the person receiving the card to easily remove the photo without damaging it if they so choose.
5) Since the twins were turning five, and I am incredibly sentimental,  I really wanted to reflect back to their baby years for a minute.  On the inside of the card include a baby picture if you’d like. Use some of the scrapbook paper for some extra flare behind each picture. Then, use stamps (preferably that you already have if you’re a crafter) to include your little ones name to fancy it up a bit.
6) Use leftover paper scraps to give more detail to your card. I cut out pieces using the striped pattern and the argyle pattern to give the inside of the card some more simple detail and stay consistent with our theme.
7) Use a free font site for any printed information that will go inside your card. This is an easy way to add a little subtle charm to your card.
8 ) Use card stock cut to size to print your party details. I like to write a poem about the birthday child(ren) and then include party details at the bottom.
9) Don’t forget the back of the card. I love to stamp it with a handmade for you stamp.
10) Use a coordinating colored pen for addressing your envelopes. Makes it fun and you can buy inexpensive pens individually at the craft store.
How fun was that?
Tell me, what are some fun tips you can share when making homemade birthday cards? How do you make it fun?

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  1. Lauren @ YoungNester says:

    Very cute! I love getting snail mail! I'm practicing on my card-making abilities but I'm still a newbie!

  2. Wow! Those are awesome!

  3. This is great, I love making home made invitations and favors.

  4. Adorable! I love sending and receiving homemade cards!

  5. Simply Stacie says:

    Wow I love them!! So much nicer than the store bought cards.

  6. Pammy pam says:

    amazing! nothing better than getting something other than a bill in the mail. and a handmade card? fabulous!

  7. Where do you find the time????

  8. Not just invitations but they’re like a party favor too. I’d definitely keep mine!

  9. Mama Bee Does says:

    Those are really nice. I love it when there are ways to DIY rather than store bought.

  10. LOVE your cute cards – this year (my twins will be 2 in July) I may actually have my act together to do some cute things (last year was a blur…………….)

    Your boys are also gorgeous!

    1. Marcia- For me, the first two years were the hardest with my twins. That is finally when I started to get my groove back…. and then got pregnant with their little brother when they were 2.5.

      Good luck on their b-day party this year. They are so fun to plan!

  11. Those turned out great. I’m not as crafty as I wish to be, but I think I could pull these badboys off pretty well.

  12. homemade invitations says:

    Great idea for a homemade invitation! Wonderful tutorial! If you’d like a few more ideas, check out my website, http://www.easymadeinvitations.com. I blog daily about the new invitation designs I create! Love for you to visit!

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