26 Fun and Educational Summer Activities for Kids

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Summer is in full swing and some of us are running out of new ways to toss in some education while having fun. Here are 26 Fun and Educational Summer Activities for Kids which will give plenty of ideas to do in July. Not only are these learning activities but they are also boredom busters for kids! I hope that you find inspiration in all of the recipes shared here today. I know that I have!

Where did I get these mommy resourceful recipes from, you ask? These are all from Crystal & Co. readers and from their wonderful submissions to our weekly blog linky party on Wednesday’s. I love the ideas that you all share- keep them coming and watch for more in the future! You never know what theme I will post next so share all your fun ideas!

Fun and Educational Summer Activities for Kids

26 Fun & Educational Summer Activities for Kids

26 Fun and Educational Summer Activities for Kids

Learning does not have to stop over the summer. Check out these super fun educational activities for summer learning!

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  1. Some of these summer crafts and activities look like so much fun! It’s always a top priority to keep the little tykes busy when they’re out of school. This list is a leap in the right direction! I like making silly riddles during the summer break. It’s an easy way to exercise the brain and have a good laugh. Here is one of my all time favorites: What Is Brown And Sticky

  2. Love this list of activities. It’s hard finding different ways to engage your little ones while also making it educational. We try to get outside as much as possible and doing some of the following activities found here: 99 Outdoor Play Ideas

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