5 Ways to Save Money in 2014

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I know you’re enjoying time with your family and resting, after all, Christmas was just yesterday. But, my mind never stops thinking of ways to help other moms. I am always on the hunt for mommy resources and solutions.

Are there areas in your home that you’re wanting to save money on in 2014?┬áHere are five things that you can easily do. These are things I am already doing and plan to continue to do for our family year after year.

5 ways to save money in 2014

Ways to Save Money in 2014

Coupon Resources– I have a collection of over 20 coupon resources on the internet.

Meal Plan– Don’t know where to start? Sounds overwhelming? I can help you in five easy steps!

Easy Recipes– Start cooking things that meet your recipe criteria so you can stop eating out. If you are failing at getting dinner on the table, start by cooking recipes that are simple and manageable.

Homemade Laundry Detergent– It literally takes 30 minutes to make, less than $27 and will wash 271 load of laundry. Just do it!

Free Shipping– If you shop online at all, sign up for Amazon Mom. It saves me a fortune all year long.


Want more ideas? Here are 30 ways that we save money in our home.

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