Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Green Milk to Share

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How about some festive Elf on the Shelf green milk for your sweet kiddos?

Today we caught Jack and Diane sharing a glass of green milk. With whipped cream and cookie sprinkles on top.

My boys decided to drink some too. Let me show you how easy this is to make!

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elf on the shelf green milk shake


Gather up your supplies.

how to make a green chocolate milk shake for elf on the shelf

Fill your milk glass about three- fourths of the way full with milk.

Add a dollop of green icing gel to the milk and stir, stir, stir until well combined.

Add a spray of whipped topping until it fills the milk glass the rest of the way.

Top with some cookie sprinkles.

Add straw(s).

elf on the shelf green milk idea

Position your elf or elves around the milk glass.

want to share

Jack, our boy elf, is wearing a felt scarf and booties. The scarf is reversible and has red snowflakes on one side and green on the other. The set was $6 last year at Target.

Diane, our girl elf, is wearing this precious plaid skirt with black fur boots. I got this set this year from Target for $6.

They are styling, let me tell ya.


elf on the shelf ideas and activities for kids


This set up is sure to bring a smile to your kiddos faces!

What has your elf been up to? I would love for you to share your antics and ideas!

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elf on the shelf ideas


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  1. This is very cute. I’m starting to think this elf is gonna be the death of me.

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