80 Cute Elf on the Shelf Names

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The buzz has begun and Elf on the Shelf season is here! Your friends are already posting their cute pics on Facebook and Instagram sharing the shenanigans and antics their elves have been up to. And listen, if you need Elf on the Shelf ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We have tons of easy suggestions that aren’t a pain to put into action and your kids will think you’re a rock star!

But first, you need some cute elf Elf on the Shelf Names!

Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Here is a video where I show you how I found these items in the Dollar Tree store and what they look like once we get them home. This should help you see how we use these ideas for Elf on the Shelf.

So, I have to ask…. do you have an elf this year? If not you totally need to!

We have two, one girl and one boy. The task of naming is daunting. All of my boys wanted to name them something different. So it was either compromise or have an elf with a really long name. We went with the names Jack and Diane.  I know, we’re so clever!

Naming your elf is the initiation of all of the wonder that comes along with Elf on The Shelf. It’s what starts the magic and the fun, so to speak. Plus the kids really love doing this!

So, are you needing name ideas? If so then look no further! Check out these 80 cute Elf on the Shelf names to help you decide and get your creative naming juices going. We have a list of girl names and a list of boy names. Ready?

Click Here for Funny Elf Names

Click Here for Mischievous Elf Names

40 cute elf on the shelf boy names

Boy Elf on the Shelf Names:

1. Blizzard

2. Buster

3. Buddy

4. Charlie

5. Chip

6. Clancy

7. Claus

8. Dasher

9. Docile

10. Elfis

11. Flannery

12. Frank

13. Fritz

14. Frost

15. George

16. Henry

17. Ice

18. Jack

19. Jingle

20. Jinxy

21. Jolly

22. Kris

23. Louie

24. Lucky

25. Maxx

26. Nick

27. Oliver

28. Otis

29. Peppermint

30. Pickles

31. Puffins

32. Ralphie

33. Rudy

34. Skittles

35. Snickers

36. Snowball

37. Spark

38. Tiny

39. Topper

40. Tuffy

Here is the list you can download for the BOY name ideas.

40 girl elf on the shelf name ideas

Girl Elf on the Shelf Names:

1. Angel

2. Bella

3. Bubbles

4. Buttercup

5. Butterscotch

6. Carol

7. Cindy Lou

8. Cinnamon

9. Cookie

10. Cocoa

11. Diane

12. Elfie

13. Eve

14. Faith

15. Ginger

16. Gingersnap

17. Glitter

18. Holly

19. Hope

20. Joy

21. Lola

22. Merry

23. Mistletoe

24. Muffin

25. Noelle

26. North

27. Pearl

28. Peppermint

29. Pixie

30. Rosie

31. Snowflake

32. Sparkle

33. Star

34. Sugar

35. Sugarplum

36. Tinsel

37. Trudy

38. Twinkle

39. Winnie

40. Winter

Here is the list you can download for the GIRL name ideas.

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