Elf Printable Photo Booth Props

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If you are looking for a super fun Elf on the Shelf idea, this is a super fun one!

Scout Elf loves to take photos and play around with the camera.

Here are the perfect Elf printable photo booth props. Your kiddos will just love this. Make this idea an annual Christmas tradition!

Our printable pack is an instant download and includes three different props.

There is a gingerbread man wearing a cute red and green winter hat.

There is a precious kitty cat wearing a scarf and a Santa hat.

There is a snowman with reindeer antlers and a yellow and white polka dot scarf.

Simply print them out, cut the circle out where the face goes and set up the prop with a real or fake camera. Put Elf behind the prop with his face poking out.


If you have multiple elves you could set up a big photoshoot with more than one elf playing along.

Or, grab Barbie, GI Joe’s, Power Ranger, some LEGOs, etc., and have them play along with the photo fun! The kids will love this!

What is the Purpose of Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf is really just a fun activity that families do generally during the month of December. Some families start the day after Thanksgiving. They continue the daily fun through Christmas.

Essentially an elf shows up and generally brings a book with him that tells the story of who he is and why he is there.

Every night elf flies back to the North Pole to report your kiddos behavior to Santa.

Then each night he comes back and hides in a new place.

Things like these printable photo booth props make for fun little activities that your elf can get into on his travels back. It just makes the tradition light-hearted and exciting.

Where do You Put the Elf on the Shelf

You can hide him anywhere in the house. Obviously you don’t want to make it too hard or your kids will never find him.

Or, don’t hide him but have him doing activities like folding clothes, bringing games, setting up a photo booth. etc.

The idea is to be creative and have fun.

Why Can’t You Touch Elf on the Shelf

If you read the elf story with your kids the story tells you that no one can touch elf or he will lose his magic of flying back and forth to the North Pole.

That said, you can make your own rules. At our house mom and dad can touch the elf.

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