Growing up in New York and Playing Stickball with Lenny Kravitz (Podcast Episode 003)

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In our first podcast we shared how we save money and count our pennies. The budgeting we do in this house follows what Lenny learned from his parents growing up and what Lenny’s father learned from his parents growing up. Being thrifty is in their blood. We like to call it  The McDonald’s Budget in this house.

As we continue with our podcast journey we realize just how much of a story we have to tell. About life. About blended families. About the impact your upbringing has on you.

I love sharing stories. Lenny’s brother was in town visiting from Ohio. This brother was raised in Brooklyn, New York, by Lenny’s grandparents. This would be Mrs. Georgina Lopez who we shared so much about in our first podcast. That upbringing shaped him.

growing up in Brooklyn New York and Playing Stickball with Lenny Kravitz

I love the reminiscing and stories they share. It really helps you see the serving heart that his family has.

If my boys can grow up to be just as serving and caring as this family has paved the way for, I will be one very happy mama!

Lenny’s brother Danny, shares his journey in growing up apart from his siblings and why he grew up apart from them.

He shares stories of growing up playing in the streets of Brooklyn with Lenny Kravitz as young children.

Danny and Lenny (my Lenny) share how much of an impact summer visits were for them- even back in the 70’s and 80’s. A time when the words “blended family” really were not talked much about.

They also talk about Danny’s military career and serving in Afghanistan- something many of you can relate to today.

And you even get to hear my husband get emotional- a man who carries his heart on his sleeve.

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how family shapes you


How is your family shaping you? We all have a story… and it is this story that makes us who we are and who we are not.

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