How to Clean the Microwave Naturally

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Does your microwave get gross? Man, ours does!

I have kids who pop stuff in there without a lid all the time.

Who am I kidding? I have a husband who also pops stuff in there without a lid all the time.

Just the other day Matthew put a few frozen pancakes in there and burned them until they were black. That is an awful smell- trust me!

I am going to show you how to clean the microwave naturally! This is so easy and you likely already have the magic ingredient on hand.

how to clean microwave


You Will Need:

  • 1 c white vinegar
  • 1 c water
  • jumbo coffee cup or glass measuring cup

how to clean microwave with vinegar


This is embarrassing.

You are thinking I never clean the microwave, right? Wrong, this was just cleaned a few weeks ago.

And look, the glass table is not even secured to the bottom of the microwave. Story of my life!

(See that little black crusty thing? That is leftover pancake!)

How to Clean Microwave


Ensure the glass turntable is in place. (Yours likely is! Mine, no.)

Put your glass of vinegar and water into the microwave and turn it on high for 3 minutes.

Note: It is very important that you dilute the vinegar with water. If you just do straight vinegar your microwave door will blow open about 2.5 minutes in. That is as disturbing as the smell of smoldering pancakes.

how to clean the microwave naturally


When the 3 minutes are up carefully remove the cup using potholders.

Use a damp rag and wipe the inside of the microwave out. It requires very little work. That vinegar is like magic!

I like to take the glass turntable out and wipe it down in the sink so I can get both sides easily.

naturally clean with vinegar


All of that gunk wipes off so easily!

One of the best parts, the vinegar disinfects naturally.

Super simple and no harsh chemicals!

use vinegar to clean microwave

Have you ever tried cleaning your microwave naturally with vinegar?


  1. Yes! I also add some lemon peels to my water and vinegar because I don’t like the vinegar smell. Works great!

  2. I never thought to add water to dilute the vinegar. I guess that is why I’m out of the kitchen was the strong odor kicks in. Oops! Thanks for the tip and I will try doing that next time i clean my microwave.

  3. This is genius Crystal!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  4. I do this too – when your little ones get old enough to use the microwave, you have to figure out an easy way to clean it. LOL! I like to take a cotton ball and put some vanilla extract on it and put that in the microwave for a few seconds after cleaning. Yummy smelling kitchen 🙂

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