10 Money Saving Lemon Oil Uses

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Essential oils have made such an impact in our lives since I started using them in May 2014. I will be honest. My initial interest was simply to use the oils to make my house smell great using the diffuser. I was not real sure about the medicinal benefits of the oils and I never thought using oils would be a way I could save money and keep me from having to buy cleaners and other household products.

Aside from diffusing the oils, the next thing I did with the oils after getting my kit was to use the lavender to work on getting my boys to sleep better at night.

I certainly had no intention of being one of those weird people who cooked with oils or consumed them internally….. um, now I am one of those weird people.

Oils have become a way of my every day life. We use them for so many things.

Here are ten lemon oil uses. There are so many more ways to use this oil, but here are ten to get you started.

10 amazing lemon oil uses that will save you money


10 Lemon Oil Uses


  1. Mix lemon with equal parts lavender and peppermint and diffuse it for sinus and allergy issues. I do three drop of each in my diffuser. You can also put one drop of each of these oil on the bottom of your feet in the area indicated on this Vita Flex foot chart for sinuses and you will be able to breathe again. Seriously. (Speaking of diffuser, I love the diffuser that came in my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, but I also have one of these ultrasonic diffusers which you can get on Amazon.)
  2. Use a few drops on sticky surfaces and it works just like Goo Gone.
  3. Caked on grease or food in your pots and pans? Can’t get it clean. Drop a few drops of lemon on it and a little elbow grease, and it’s clean!
  4. Add a few drops to your glass of water. It cleans your water and adds amazing flavor. Carry it in your purse to add to your water at restaurants. Make sure to drink out of glass and not plastic when doing this. I love, love, love my water this way!
  5. Cook with it! Yes, if a recipe asks for lemon juice you can use a few drops of essential oil instead! Yum!
  6. Use it to clean your fruits and veggies! Fill your sink with water and add 3-5 drops of lemon oil. Add the fruits and veggies and let them soak a bit. Rinse them to remove dirt and gunk, dry them and then pop them in the fridge.
  7. Clean the microwave with it. Follow the instructions in this post, but use a mug of vinegar and 2 drops of lemon oil.
  8. Make homemade natural cleaner. Fill a 16oz  glass spray bottle with water and add 5-8 drops of lemon essential oil. This is an all natural everyday household cleaner.
  9. Clean your stainless steal appliances using lemon oil. They will shine!
  10. Relieve a sore throat by taking a coffee mug of warm water with 2-3 drops of lemon and a tablespoon of honey.

Two things to remember are you always want to put citrus oils like lemon in glass when making cleaners or adding it to your drink. You also want to limit using lemon on any part of your skin that will be exposed to the sun. Citrus oils, like lemon, make your skin sensitive to UV rays.

What is your favorite way to use lemon essential oil?

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They follow the process from seed to seal. There are never any synthetics are perfumes in their oils- ever.

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Here are more awesome ways to use essential oils in your home and more educational information so that you know the amazing goodness of oils.

are all essential oils created equally


  1. I occasionally use a few oils, mainly tea tree oil for cleaning. I am intrigued to try more. It looks like there are many great uses for lemon essential oil. Maybe I will become one of those “weird people” after all. 😉

    When cleaning fruits & veggies, does it just remove surface dirt? Or does it actually help with pesticide residue? Don’t worry if you are unsure…just curious.

    1. Emily, it definitely helps to remove pesticides because it eats petrochemicals!

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