Large Family Meal Planning Week 229

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Have you created your meal plan for this week yet?

I have loved getting back into my meal planning groove. It feels so good to know what our dinner plans are every single day. Our eating out has been minimal and that has saved my pocketbook so much.

I started going back through the Grocery Budget Makeover and I am really eager to start saving money on my grocery spending. I will tell you, I went to buy ground beef for a recipe last night at a high end grocery store chain here in North Texas. It was close to where we were out running errands, so it was easy to run in real quick. Erin teaches in her course that her goal price for protein is $2.49 a pound or less.  This grocery store was selling ground beef for almost $4 a pound. It’s so good to see what others expect to pay and to use it as a gauge. I will say, the next time I find ground beef on sale for $2.49 to $2.99, I will buy a bunch in bulk.

Right now, Erin’s Grocery Budget Makeover class is closed, but it will open again in the spring. I highly suggest that you get on the waitlist here. I really feel like the course is worth the cost and can potentially cut your grocery budget in half.

In the meantime, I encourage you to download my meal planning worksheets that help you take inventory of everything you have on hand, help you create a grocery list and map out your meal plan.

Large Family Weekly Meal Plan

Here is what we are having this week.

30 Minute Chili– today we had small groups at church. For our group it is directly after service. There six families in our group. Sometimes we eat out at a restaurant, sometimes we order pizza and sometimes each family brings a meal. Late in the week we decided everyone would bring soup. I made a pot of my favorite Taco Soup this morning before church. I had enough beef from my trip yesterday to make 2 meals. I batch cooked it all together today. When I am doing this and using it for more than one meal, I cook it with a base of olive oil, garlic and onion. When the meat was all done I divide it in half, reserving half for my current meal and the other half I put in the freezer for later use. That second batch cooked beef that I popped in the freezer, I am going to use to make chili this week. My 30 minute chili recipe will be less than 30 minutes now! I will make some sweet cornbread to go with it. Yum!

One Pot Italian Chicken and Vegetables– this is a freezer meal we made back at the end of summer. You can get that meal plan with printable grocery list from our Get Dinner on the Table Facebook group. You can request to join the group here and we will get you added ASAP. I love that this is a one pot meal and does not dirty many dishes! I might add some pasta to this since I have a few extra bags in my pantry. I will serve it with dinner rolls. I have a kit for making homemade yeast rolls in my pantry. Score!

Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup– this is another meal from one of our freezer meal prepping days. You can get the recipe and grocery list for this freezer meal here. I will make biscuits to go with this.

Salmon Patties– I have one can of pink salmon already in my pantry. I will only have to buy one more. I am going to use my friend Jamerrill’s recipe. She has a eight children at home and runs a blog and vlog. She is such an inspiration to me. I love that she uses oats in her version. The only thing I don’t like about making salmon patties is that they require a lot of babysitting. I am gong to enlist the help of at least one child to help me cook dinner this night. I will serve this with a veggie or two. She served roasted potatoes and peas. That actually sounds pretty good! I already have peas in the freezer!!

Orange Ginger Chicken– this sounds delish! I am sure the orange and ginger flavors are so good together. I am going to cook this in the slow cooker and then make brown rice in the pressure cooker to go with it.  I still have frozen broccoli in the freezer, so that will be our side. Here is the pressure cooker I love!

Leftover Buffet– leftover night might be a hodge podge of meals leftover in the fridge. We also have eggs, oatmeal, sandwiches, etc., thet can be eaten if they do not want leftovers.


This week my online grocery shopping bill should be pretty minimal. I will have to buy diapers, pull-ups, a few things to round out what I do not have to make the above, but overall it will cost less than usual. Have you given online grocery shopping a try? I am in love with

What is on your meal plan this week? I would love to know!

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