A Preschool Snack for U is for Underwater (Letter of the Week)

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When working through learning the letters of the alphabet we concentrate on a new one each week. Learning the sight and sounds of letter /u/ just would not be complete without a special treat!

On top of that, these fun letter of the week snacks is perfect for inspiring creativity and letting  kids just be kids. Your preschooler will love them!

U is for underwater and that is easy to remember. Why not involve your preschooler in this fun letter of the week snack?

Let me show you how easy this is to create.


You will need:

We just laid everything out on a plate to get started!

Making this snack was so simple and easy and only a few minutes! Take a small amount of the frosting with a butter knife and begin to spread back and forth at an angle about halfway on the graham cracker. This creates that whole water-wave effect. You could totally get creative and sculpt some real waves with the frosting or keep it simple.

This is such an easy and creative snack to get even the littlest of hands involved. Then place on your Goldfish crackers. Make a school of fish or just a couple! Then throw on your favorite sprinkles. We got lucky because the frosting we bought came with some cute little fish sprinkles to top with.

Snack time is always a hit at my house. Not sure what it is but they always look forward to it.  Making it fun and festive while also learning makes things even more memorable. The frosting looks just like water and why not make things an underwater adventure during snack time?An easy snack to enjoy in just minutes and it goes along with Letter U! And just look at how excited this guy is to enjoy it!

This is seriously the best snack ever to pair with learning all underwater!  It doesn’t get any easier than this and my boys gobbled it down in no time!

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