Preschool Mouse Craft Using Cupcake Liners

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Have you ever made a mouse from a cupcake liner? This mouse cupcake liner craft goes perfectly with letter of the week learning and your preschooler will have so much fun making these sweet mice! Let’s make this m is for mouse craft for kids… they are sure to love it!

If you are learning all about letter /Mm/ this craft is simple and easy and requires only a few materials. Whether you are supplementing some letter learning at home or paving the way for a homeschool preschool we have some easy ways of creating hands on learning that your preschooler will love!

You will need:

This craft can be done in just a few minutes and it is not complicated at all! Take your cupcake liner and fold it in half to create the mouse body. Glue your mouse body to a piece of construction paper.

Attach a larger sized pom for the ears.Once your ears are on you can attach the eye and nose. Go ahead and include the pipe cleaner for the tail. We curled ours up a bit using our finger but you could use a pencil too!

If you would like, allow your preschooler to decorate the rest of the page with crayons or markers. We also read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and had a cookie snack to celebrate all of our letter /Mm/ learning and our super cute mice!

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