Easy DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser (Foam Pump)

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Earlier this week I shared with you my recipe for homemade liquid hand soap, which is chemical free. This recipe is intended for a foam pump soap dispenser.

Naturally I thought it would be cool to make a mason jar soap dispenser for storing the soap in. It is super easy (and budget-friendly) to create. And, we use a foam pump so it goes perfectly with our homemade soap!

Here is how you make it. Literally, this takes just a few minutes to do! (Makes an awesome gift idea too!)

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


You Will Need:

Grab your used, empty foam soap bottle and unscrew the bottle from the pump.

foaming hand soap dispenser from Target will be converted to mason jar soap dispenser

Grab your mason jar.

Disassemble your jar from the lid.

quart mason jar

Trace, with a marker, the opening of the soap bottle onto the flat mason jar lid.

Reassemble the lid back onto the jar. This will give you a sturdy drilling grip.

trace a the circle top of the soap bottle

Assemble your power drill with step bit attachment.

step drill bit

Use the bit and drill into the circle you’ve made on the lid.

You can wear goggles if you want to be safe.

DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN NEAR. The metal shavings can fly.

use step drill but to cut circle in mason jar lid

Remove the lid  and now use your kitchen shears to finish cutting out the circle you’ve made in the lid.

Watch the sharp edges- you can cut yourself if you’re not careful.

use heavy duty kitchen scissors to cut the rest of the mason jar lidGrab the empty soap bottle.

Use the Xacto knife to cut the top of the lid off.

cut the top off of the plastic bottle from Target

Push the plastic lid through the opening you’ve created in the mason jar lid.

BE CAREFUL. The edges you’ve cut are sharp.

how to make a mason jar soap dispenser

Flip the lid over and apply some hot glue where the plastic and the metal lid meet.

This will keep the plastic in place when you’re screwing and unscrewing the pump on.

hot glue the metal lid to the plastic lid

Screw the pump on to the lid.

DIY mason jar foam soap dispenser

Fill the jar with your favorite soap.

You will love my chemical free homemade liquid hand soap  that kills 99.96% of all bacteria!

A double batch of this recipe will fit in the quart mason jar.

chemical dree bacteria killing soap recipe

And there you have it. A thrifty mason jar soap dispenser!

As I tell my kids, one pump is enough!

diy foam soap pump for mason jar


These are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms!

See how easy it is to go from a disposable empty bottle to a gorgeous mason jar soap dispenser in minutes?

How to go from a Target brand soap dispenser to a beautiful mason jar foam soap dispenser in minutes!

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  1. love this idea. Great DIY project. Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday. We hope you hop over and share with us again next week.

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  3. This is so cute. i am going to surely try this one out. You are very crafty. I love this!!! Keep up the good work.

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