22 Organizing Hacks for the Car

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If your car is anything like mine it is a massive collection of old french fries, socks, shoes, toys, books, and some other mysterious items we have not yet identified. Clearly we need to organize! Plus, if you have not yet made your vacation run this summer your car could totally use some of these awesome ideas beforehand to keep the mess at a minimum! Do you crave organization in the car? Do you imagine everything in its own place with room to spare?

Check out these 22 ways to organize you car that will keep everything orderly and even a few to help with keeping it clean!

22 ways to organize your car

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22 Ways to Organize Your Car

1. Keep track of all of your car stuff in a handy Auto Organizer perfect for the glove box! – A Day In My Life

2. Simplify you life in travel and car organizing with this genius Vehicle Compartment Storage System. – Amazon

3. You can make these Car Seat Organizers that can hold just about anything with easy access for the kiddos! 8th Day Creations

4. Make your travel easy peasy with these Labeled Travel Bags for anything from snacks to road trip games! – Better Homes and Gardens 

5. When travelling it is easy for the car to become a little smelly so try out these DIY Car Vent Fresheners to keep things smelling great. – Frugally Blonde

6. Keep those vents dust free and clean by using a Cotton Swab or Sponge Brush. – Fluster Buster

7. Do you know you could use a Command Hook For Trash Bags to keep the trash all on one place without the mess and worry of spill! – Power Home Solutions

8. Slide a Remote Control Holder from IKEA under your kids carseat and ta-da! you have a carry all caddy! – IKEA Hackers

8. Make an Over the Seat Book Organizer for the kids to store magazines and books for long car rides. – A Girl and A Glue Gun

10. Revamp your cup holder to store your most used items at you finger tips with Clear Drawer Organizers. – Leigh Lusk Living

11. Create a simple Basket of Snacks and Drinks that easily passes around the car. – EDventures With Kids

12. This great Handy Pop Up Trunk Shelf is perfect for that rear storage area of the care that will keep things organized and can even be used to keep groceries from getting smashed! – Instructables

13. Use a Dollar Store Shower Caddy as a great setup for keeping the kiddos food all in one place! – Look What I Did 

14. Mount this no hassle Cell Phone Holder to your dash or window to make driving totally hands free! – Amazon


15. Avoiding carrying things you need for the car in your purse and use this Cute Car Kit that stores tons of items you use in the car. – Pink Polka Dot Creations

16. Cut down your costs and make this Easy Car Upholstery Stain Remover that gets those stains out of the seats and floors. – Inspired Housewife

17. You can easily Make a Backpack a Desk by using a piece of cardboard when attaching it to the seat back. – DIY Home Sweet Home

18. Create this Portable Activity Kit for your kiddos and keep them entertained in the car! Mama.Papa.Bubba.

19. If you are taking your doggie along in the car you can’t forget this Car Seat Hammock to keep pet hair away. – ExCapes

20. Try out these Road Trip Lego Boxes that are great for the car and your little Lego lovers! – Housewife Eclectic

21. Don’t spend a bunch of money on tire shine make your own Homemade Armor All with just a few ingredients. – Money Saving Madness

22. Use this Downy Unstoppables Car Freshener Recipe for making your car smell its best!- Belinda’s Babblings

Is your car completely organized or do you have some great ideas? Share with us!

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  1. Love all the tips! Definitely much needed advice. Love the idea to use a caddy to hold meals. Ill be featuring your post for Friday Favorites. Thanks for linking up with us. I have also pinned it.

    1. Glad you love them!! I love the acrylic holders for the console.

  2. Spring is the prefect time to get the car in order since one leftover piece of can leave quite the odor as the car heats up. Thanks for the great round-up.

  3. My car is usually pretty neat but I still love these organizational ideas! What a great list.

  4. Keeping a trash bag in the car is a must for me. I like your gift bag idea! #SITSblogging

  5. How about a shower caddy to store your kid’s “essentials?” Easy to attach, reach and remove. You should exercise caution on the placement of this idea and the items included at head level. As one of our readers commented, this could be hazardous in the case of a car collision.

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