Hacks for Traveling with Kids During Thanksgiving and Christmas

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The holidays are quickly approaching….are your ready?

It seems every year the holiday season sneaks up on me. I think the year just flies by up to this point. After all, just a few months ago we were hanging out by the pool, it was flip flop weather (who are we kidding I am still wearing flip flops here in Texas), and I didn’t have a care in the world.

Well almost!

Now, I find myself wondering how to tackle the holiday lists, wondering what gifts to buy for gift exchanges, and of course, listening to the countdown made by my kids. Every year we do some traveling around the holidays. We have family that is somewhat spread out, so we make sure to make that part of our holiday routine every year. This means travel with kids…5 kids to be exact!

Are you hitting the road this holiday season with your kids? If so, these travel hacks with kids will make your life a whole lot easier, and you will love what I have in my travel arsenal!


Hacks for Traveling with Kids

1. It all begins with the packing and with 5 kids in tow making a list ahead of time is a must! Attach your list to the front of your refrigerator in advance so you know just what you are taking for each kid.

2. When packing things up, roll your clothes rather than fold them for more space and room inside the bag. Packing for kids is tough and rolling the clothes will make thinks much more simple.

3. This suitcase is perfect for compiling multiple kids clothes and shoes into one easy carry bag. Plus it has wheels for easy rolling! The fewer bags the better!

4. Keep a few shower caddys in the car for food maintenance. Kids can make a huge mess with snacks and things in the car. With one of these shower caddys your kids can keep food all in one place!

5. Bring an empty bag for dirty clothes. There is nothing worse than having to pack up dirty, smelly clothes in your suitcase, especially boys clothes! So take along a plastic bag for storing these items separate! (Otherwise, do laundry while you’re traveling if you are traveling for days at a time. When we go to San Antonio, I do laundry while we are there.)

6. Take along a car sick bag. Kids get sick in the car and that is really inevitable. Make up a carsick bag with something to soothe upset tummies, fevers, and even throw in some band-aids and first aid stuff too!

7. Use a seat organizer in your car for baby items. Things like hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and other must have baby stuff is within easy reach right on the back of the seat!

8. Entertainment is essential for kids and traveling. Consider a Road Trip I Spy Game or this Road Trip Activity Kit that has everything right inside!

9. Don’t forget the snacks! Getting caught up in a car with a hungry kids can be a disaster! Make a Hanging Snack Tower for easy grab snacks.

10. If you don’t have a sippy cup no need to worry. With a little Press ‘n Seal any cup can be spill proof! Just attach some to the top just over the edges and poke a straw through the middle!

11. Coloring on the go is easy when you take a little time to make a DVD coloring case. The little clasps on the inside keep everything handy including map pencils and paper!

12. With a few suction cup caddys your kids can store their headphones, crayons, and anything else they need within arms reach right next to them because these little gems stick right to the window!

13. Pack your own water bottles! This makes for sipping water or juice on the go easy, they are refillable, and there is no worry of all of that extra trash either! We love water bottles with a spout.

14. Try using this Bubble Bum Booster Seat. This things totally meets U.S. Safety Standards and you can travel anywhere with it!

15. Don’t bring your fancy stroller! It takes up too much space and is harder to carry. Consider a small umbrella stroller if it can accommodate!


16. Snotty noses this time of year are bound to happen. Not to mention little noses need something soft or they get raw. I made these homemade Boogie Wipes using Bounty paper towels and we love them! Perfect for your Thanksgiving and holiday travels!  Bounty is the most absorbent paper towels I have ever used. We’ve been loyal users for years now.

17. Carry a roll of Bounty in your car. Just trust me here! Great for cleaning up after the kids as you travel from family member to family member, but also excellent at cleaning up food spills as you transport your covered dish!

What travel hacks are you grateful for this time of year? 


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This post is sponsored by Bounty. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 


  1. These are all great tips for traveling during the holidays with kids. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had something like those homemade boogie wipes in the car. That is such a cool idea to make your own! I love these ideas!

  2. Great tips for traveling with kids during the holidays. Making a list is crucial so that nothing is left behind. It would be a mini-crisis if a favorite toy was forgotten. Love the shower caddy tip, great thinking!

  3. Kathy Myers says:

    These are awesome tips, thanks for sharing. We are going on a trip for the holidays and they will come in handy.

  4. These are great hacks indeed. Carrying a water bottle everywhere is wise. You can refill it with water anywhere. Have you heard about the foldable baby stroller? It’s getting big raves now from online forums.

  5. Tip #4 with shower caddies is awesome! It allows you to avoid cleaning such a big mess! Did ever saw a kid eating Ruffles? Hahaha it is terrible. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Great tips and will save a lot of headaches. Most don’t realized how much space that can be saved by rolling clothes and taking clothes that are interchangeable. Thanks for sharing!

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