Over 20 Slow Cooker Casserole Recipes

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It is definitely summer here in Texas. Although we have not broken our first 100-degree day, it still feels like you are melting when you set foot out the door.

I despise cooking in my kitchen for hours as many of you already know. I prefer recipes that are easy, simple, quick, and of course foods that my whole family loves. With that being said, I also do not like to heat up the kitchen when the weather is already hot!

Easy recipes that can be converted to the slow cooker are my solution! over 20 crockpot casserole recipes for summer

Do you cook in your crockpot or slow cooker? This is one of the first ways I learned to cook! So easy, so simple, and delicious!

Lately we have been using my handy Crockpot Casserole Slow Cooker (game changer!!) for whipping up delicious meals without the heat in my kitchen. This thing is truly amazing and I am totally in love.  It can be programmed anywhere from 30 minutes to 20 hours depending on what you are cooking, or you can buy the one that is not programmable. Plus it’s a cook and carry system which makes it perfectly portable!

Are you in search is something amazing to whip up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Check this list of over 20 casserole recipes that work perfectly in the slow cooker! Remember, anything that can be cooked in the oven can be cooked in the slow cooker!

Over 20 Crockpot Casserole Slow Cooker Recipes

1. Spice up breakfast with this yummy Slow Cooker Overnight Breakfast Casserole that will make breakfast a hit! Crazy Adventures in Parenting

2. This Easy Green Bean Casserole is a super flexible recipe and perfect for family gatherings. Crystal & Co.

3. Need a quick and simple dinner that tastes just like pizza? Try this Crockpot Pizza Casserole that your kids will love! The Chaos and The Clutter

4. This Crockpot Chicken and Corn Casserole is a delicious and easy recipe perfect for any night! Crystal& Co

5. This Easy Slow Cooker Sausage Recipe is very tasty and perfect with potatoes or a salad. Paging Fun Mums

6. Slow Cooker Mixed Bean Casserole is easy and goes great as a make ahead freezer meal to your slow cooker. The Chaos and The Clutter

7. Try this Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Dip Lasagna that is wonderful cheesy Italian dish. Crazy Adventures in Parenting

8. Your family will love this Hashbrown Casserole that is truly Texas sized! Crystal & Co.

9. Whether you are trying to eat better or sticking to Paleo recipes this Sweet Potato, Egg, & Kale Casserole is an awesome and healthy dish. See Vanessa Craft

10. Check out this Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole that is great for your next barbecue or family gathering! True Aim

converting casserole recipes into slow cooker recipes

11. Broccoli, Cheese, and Rice is a delicious side dish or throw in chicken or pork to change it up. Feels Like Home

12. Add this Crockpot Pull-Apart Skinny Buffalo Chicken to salads, sandwiches, or just have with veggies! Happy and Blessed Home

13. This Slow Cooker Pork Roast is packed full of flavor, juicy, and delicious with all of the trimmings. Mess For Less

14. Dessert in the crockpot? Yes! Try this yummy Blueberry Cobbler. Crystal & Co.

15. This Crockpot Crushed Tomato & Chicken Soup makes a great lunch entree with a grilled cheese sandwich! Crystal & Co.

16. This Easy Corn Casserole was made in the oven but can also be used for your next slow cooker casserole. Crystal & Co.

17. Your kids will love this recipe for Crockpot Ravioli. Just throw together and go! Crystal & Co. 

18. This recipe for Cilantro Lime Chicken is wonderful, easy and has a great Mexican twist. The House of Hendrix

19. These Slow Cooker Spare Ribs are tender, juicy and the perfect dinner remedy! Kids Activities Blog

20. Check out this Slow Cooker Raspberry Siracha Pork Chops that have perfect sweet and spice! Sunshine & Hurricanes

21. Cabbage and Beef Casserole is awesome for this time of year as well. Perfect way to use up cabbage from the farmers market. Crystal & Co.

What are your slow cooker recipes? Please share your ideas or tips with us!

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  1. I haven’t pulled out my crock pot yet! (hangs head in shame) It’s too hot to be slaving in the kitchen over the stove, even inside with air conditioning. This motivates me to pull mine out.

    1. Yes! I am so excited this has encouraged you to pull out the slow cooker! It really is a life saver at my house.

      Let me know what you make!

  2. I love my slow cooker. I use it all of the time. I am always looking for new recipes. Thanks for sharing this on the #HomeMattersParty linky and I hope you will come back and share again.

  3. we are always on the look out for great crockpot recipes! thanks for sharing all the yumminess with us at Snickerdoodle!

  4. Morgan Cloonan says:

    Can anyone tell me what recipe that is pictured on this site that says converting casseroles into crock pot recipes into slow cooker recipes?? Please and Thank you : )

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