St. Patricks Day Pattern Block Printables

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Are you looking for some learning manipulatives in the classroom or for your homeschooler? Pattern block activities are perfect for your preschooler or young learner!

These St. Patricks Day Pattern Block printables are something the kids will love.

These pattern block mats are perfect! This pack is free to download and includes six different pattern blocks your child can create.


(I use an HP Color Laser Jet Pro Printer when I print these for our homeschooling. I always get very vibrant colored printed pages.)

This patterns in this pack are:

  • leaf clover
  • horse show
  • top hat
  • pot of gold
  • rainbow
  • leprechaun

There are twelve pages total because you get each pattern in color and in black and white.

These pages are a great opportunity to talk about shapes, colors, measurement and creating patterns which are all basic mathematic concepts that will go on to build addition and subtraction skills.

These packs are also an excellent fine motor skill building activity.

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The shapes that you will use to make these patterns are hexagon, trapezoid, square, triangle, parallelogram and rhombus.

In your download you will also get a the same printable pages in black and white.

Use these pages to color the shapes themselves if you do not have the pattern blocks or just for extra crayon and color practice.

Each page also has a place for your child to trace the name of the object they are creating with the patterns.

What Type of Pattern Blocks Are Best for Preschoolers and Young Elementary?

You can use foam, plastic or wooden pattern blocks for this activity. We’ve owned all three types over the years.

Why Do We Teach Patterns to Little Kids?

Teaching patterns to kids help them learn to predict what will come next. This is a great way to foster logic and reasoning skills. Great problem solving skills can be rooted in pattern work!

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