Here’s a Quick Way to Make Turkey Pudding Cups

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I adore these little Thanksgiving turkey cookies for kids. And the best part…. there is no baking required!

You know what else is great about them? The kids can help you assemble them.

These make perfect after school snacks, Thanksgiving Day treats, or treats for the school Fall party.

Let me show you how easy these are to make. (While you’re here, check out all of my activities for kids that are perfect for this time of year. We have tons!)

turkey pudding cups with milano cookies from crystalandcomp


This is to make one cookie pudding cup.

Gather up your supplies.

how to make turkey pudding cups (1)

Take the lid off of the snack pack.

Stick the Milano cookie down into the pudding.

Arrange four to five of the Swedish Fish behind the cookie to look like feathers.

Use the white icing as glue to attach the candy eyes to the cookie.

Take one red Starburst candy and use a pinch of it to create a beak pressing the candy in between your fingers.

Then use the red icing to draw on the gobbler.

turkey pudding cup

And there you have it. A turkey cookie treat for kids!

My kids loved this!

Have you ever made a turkey out of a cookie? I would love to hear about it!

turkey pudding cups

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Turkey Pudding Cups

Turkey Pudding Cups

These turkey pudding cups are so super simple to make and a perfect Thanksgiving treat!


  • 4- 5 Swedish Fish candies
  • 1 Milano cookie
  • 1 chocolate pudding pack
  • 2 candy eyes
  • tube of white icing
  • tube of red icing
  • Starburst candy


  1. Place the cookie into the pudding cup, leaving enough of the cookie sticking out to create a turkey.
  2. Use 4-5 of the Swedish fish candies behind the cookie to resemble the look of turkey feathers. Do not push them too far down!
  3. With a small dab of the white icing you can attach to 2 eyes to the cookie.
  4. Pinch between your fingers a piece of the Starburst candy and attach to the cookie with a dab of icing to make the beak.
  5. Use the red icing to add a dab for the turkey's gobbler.


  1. These are so cute! I love that they are no bake and really easy to make.

  2. Aw they did turn out cute as can be. And easy to make too. 🙂

  3. How fun and so adorable as well. I need to let the kids make these while they are out of school this week.

  4. That is JUST adorable! My kiddo would love it. I think we will do this on Thanksgiving!

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    These pudding cups look so cute. I love holiday themed foods! This turkey looks so cute and tasty!

  6. The turkey cookie is so cute! I am sure the kids would go nuts over it. I also love the placemat printables. I remember when I was a little girl and they had tray liners like those where there were mazes, match the food with the mascot, etc. etc. Tons of fun!

  7. I would love to make some of these cute snacks. Those turkeys’ faces are just too funny!

  8. OMG that is ADORABLE. I am so doing this for my little neighbours in the next few days. How sweet – they’ll totally get a kick out of it too.

  9. Oh, what a fun idea! This will be a sure hit with the kiddos. I can’t wait to try this.

  10. Wow this is such a cute idea. I would love to make this for the kids this holiday season. I bet they would all love this and gobble it up! 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness, these are just adorable!! I need to make something like this for my nieces and nephews!!

  12. This is such a cute snack idea. I will have to try making these the next time my friend brings her little ones over.

  13. This is such a cute idea! I know my girls would love to make these and we all love Milano cookies.

  14. These are so cute. I know any kid would love to make them. I think it would make a good class activity as well.

  15. My kids would eat this up! Dad would get all the Swedish fish but we do have snack packs on hand!

  16. Oh my, these are so cute. I bet they would be fun to make with all the little ones!

  17. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg how cute are these turkey cookies?!?! My hubby and daughter are pudding obsessed. Definitely giving this a pin!

  18. My daughter loves making cute things for Thanksgiving and she would love these. Thanks for sharing with us at Throwback Thursday. Pinned and Shared!

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