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People struggle year-round with meal planning. They do.

It is not just a New Years resolution struggle. It is not just something we struggle with at back to school time when schedules return to being hectic.  Seasoned mothers struggle. New mothers struggle. Dad’s struggle and families in general do as well.

We are faced with meal planning hurdles every season if we do not have a method in place.

If you have never grabbed a copy of my eBook that teaches you how to meal plan in five easy steps, today is your lucky day!

how to meal plan eBook

Amazon Deal for 99 Cents

Today only you can download it to your eReader for only 99 cents. If you struggle with getting dinner on the table, this book is a must read for you. It covers everything from making a grocery list to troubleshooting the unexpected obstacles.

You will love the 50+ resources that are shared in the book which include 20+ sites for finding easy recipes on, worksheets for creating your success, as well as solutions for displaying your menu each week.

This mom-friendly (and family-friendly) guide will give your family a table of fun and help you hit the ground running with meal planning.



Here is what others are saying about my eBook:

I have 4 children 7 and under and was not brought up cooking. I have been married 9 years and I still don’t know how to menu plan. This book has been a wonderful resource. It is easy to read and understand. My days are full enough, but I was able to get into this book no problem. I would for sure recommend this book!

By: Angela K. Hall

I’ve been meal planning for a while now. This was a great refresher and had links to great resources I haven’t used before. Always looking for new meals for my family.


One of the biggest problems busy moms have is coming up with daily meals that fit within their life-style. Most hold down jobs, raise children, and care for the home. For the health of your family regular, nutritious meals are necessary. This book gives basic how-tos for meal planning along with some never-fail recipes that please children and families.

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Get your copy today for 99 cents! Download How to Meal Plan a Step by Step Guide.

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