Where to Find Work at Home Jobs for Moms

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Are you a mom at home looking for ways to supplement your household income? I have been there. Are you wondering where to find work at home jobs moms want?

I worked in corporate American until 2005, right before our twins were born. I felt so guilty for working when my older son was little. I wanted to be home with him reading books, going to the zoo, play dates with friends and all of those memory making things that stay at home moms do.

After the twins were 6 months old I started working from home for a local husband and wife who owned a health care continuing education business. It can be done. There are many options for working from home as a stay at home parent. I now manage this website full time and educate our children at home. I encourage you to peruse working from home if it is something that is important to you! It CAN BE DONE!

how to find work from home jobs for mom

I get emails all the time from moms wanting to make this happen.

One thing I often tell moms is to remember that a work at home job does not have to be a computer job. BUT, there are also lots of things you can do from home if you desire working online too. My point here there is something out there for everyone!

Here are my tips and resources.

Work at Home Mom Job Ideas

Think outside the box. What is something that brings value to other people’s lives?

Start a laundry service from home, make freezer meals at home for busy families, etc. Get your client list going and spread by word of mouth and by blogging about it and with social media like Facebook and Instagram. Start a laundry tip blog that marries with your local laundry service, for example.

As you hear other moms talk about what their struggles are, ask yourself how you could provide something that is a solution for that struggle. Most moms struggle with the same things. Use your strengths as a solution and bring income in for your family at the same time.   I know a single mom who ran errands for parents and businesses. It was her full time income to support her and her son.

If you are a blogger, use that skill to be a virtual assistant for other bloggers. Obviously you know the ins and outs of blogging. I know moms who work 30+ hours a week piling up 5 hours here and there to be virtual assistants for bloggers.

work from home

Sites to Find Online Work

  • Create a Profitable Blog– I have been running this blog for 7 years. My friend Kelli and I have created an online forum that teaches you how to blog and how to grow your blog. Women are making six figures running websites.
  • VA’s For Hire yahoogroup – full of bloggers looking to hire people! I know women who work from home being VA’s for bloggers and make $30-$40k a year doing it!
  • Vindale Research  – Survey’s for about a dollar each!  Great way to make extra income!
  • Fiverr – Jobs for $5.00 make your own or hire someone to make something for you.   Like maybe a resume!
  • odesk – Great place to list your job skills!
  • elance – Another place to list your job skills and search out “for hire”.
  • LinkedIn – Look for jobs on LinkedIn
  • Problogger Job Boards – Hiring Writers

Also, if you currently work outside of the home go to your boss and propose that you telecommute.   You could even go into the office once a week, maybe- if that is something you are willing to do. This really is a sign of the times and people are working from home every day.   It saves the company valuable office space and usually equipment as well. Besides, if they are not willing, you can easily find enough work from home that will compensate the costs of daycare/childcare even if you are piece-milling the work from multiple clients.

My blogging buddy Kelli, from 3 Boys and a Dog, a fellow mom blogger Susan, from 5 Minutes for Mom, share some of their tips in a hangout below. Check out their pointers and ideas here.

While you’re here, make sure you check out 25 ebooks that are for moms wanting to work from home. These books teach you how to make money from home by working online, creating a crafting business, encouraging freelance jobs and more! Check them all out.

Work From Home Jobs Moms


  1. Gail Gardner says:

    Great post and video. It IS easier to just have a job and not have to make sure you have enough money coming in, but there is far more freedom and potential income working for yourself!

    I love that you’re doing this work and home strategy hour. There are so many – limitless really – ways to make money independently. Besides social media and computer work, think about what people with jobs don’t have time to do. That can be anything from sewing, laundry, canning or dehydrating food, baking, babysitting, pet grooming, etc.

    Give some thought to whether you want to have to go out and make deliveries or provide services, or you want to only take in work where you are, or you only want to do something at home and provide the fruits of your labor online, via shipping, or by having them come to your house.

  2. http://onlinehomecareerssite.com says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about freelance work.

  3. This is a great list of suggestions. I definitely agree that when we think outside of the box, we find that there is a vast majority of ways we can find to make money. The opportunities have become endless.

    Thank you for the video and tips.

  4. Crystal, what a great and helpful article! Thank you so much. I have been looking for ways to increase my at-home income so that I don’t have to punch a time clock. This is a great list of resources for me to pursue.

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