27 Work at Home Mom Job and eBooks to Teach You How

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I get emails and messages all the time from moms who want to work from home and want to be pointed in the right direction. There are so many scams out there and without the right information we can be vulnerable.

I have come up with a collection of work from home jobs moms want and 25 eBooks that will make it happen for you.

If you are looking to help supplement your household income, or if you’ve decided in the new year you want to be home with your babies, or maybe the status of the economy has hit you hard- no matter the situation  this collection of eBooks is certainly worth going through.

They can all be downloaded to your Kindle or eReader, but keep in mind you don’t need a Kindle to read these books. Check out the FREE Kindle Reading Apps you can get and read it on your computer, your phone and more devices!

ebooks to help moms earn an income from home

27 eBooks To Help You Work From Home

  1. WWWordsmith: Forging a Living from Online Writing– a book that covers all aspects of earning a living online through writing.
  2. How to Make Money Online– the author walks you through the methods he used to earn $25,000+ building simple websites and selling them for a huge profit. He covers resources for each step- even outsourcing part of the work for cheap so you still make big bucks.
  3. How to Become a Reviewer for Money–  writing reviews is big business. This book will show you how to get started reviewing books, products and software for pay, exchanges and or gifts. The book will show you how and where to find work, without further investment.
  4. Moms Work from Home– how to pay off debt and credit cards on your schedule.
  5. Make Money From Home as a Google Rater– make money from Google and/or Bing that matches or exceeds what you make in a cubical.
  6. How to Make Money Blogging– how one guy replaced his full time job with a blog.
  7. 70 Creative Ways to make Money from Home Quickly– overcome the fear of getting started.
  8. Craft Business Power– 15 days to a profitable online craft business.
  9. 50 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest– did you know you can make money on this platform? You can!
  10. Make Money Online– how to use Fiverr to make $1,000 a month.
  11. Freelance Writing Jobs– 101+ online writing jobs and places to find them.
  12. Work from Home Jobs– over 100 companies that pay you to work from home.
  13. How I made an Extra $1200 a Month at Home Using One Free Website– how one lady has made money from home for the last five years.
  14. Passive Income for Life– how to use Amazon to generate a $50k money machine.
  15. Make Money Online– how the #1 seller on eBay makes $3,000 a month from Etsy, eBay and Tophatter.Work From Home Jobs Moms
  16. How to Make Money Online– step-by-step how to earn 5k a month in passive income.
  17. Ultimate Work at Home Jobs–  a guide to find legitimate jobs with templates and exact steps.
  18. 192 Ways to Make Money Fast– a resource full of ways to make money offline and online from home.
  19. Etsy Selling Success– how to cash in on your creations.
  20. Make Money Online– 101 ways to do it.
  21. Selling on Etsy–  turning your hobby into a profitable business.
  22. How to Blog for Profit– and do it without selling your soul.
  23. 101 Ways to Make Money Taking Pictures–  make money taking pictures and you do not have to be a professional at all.
  24. How to Become a Successful Work at Home Mom– information, tips and techniques to make it work so you can be home with your kids.
  25. How to Work at Home with a Toddler– written by a mother of four who did it.
  26. Don’t forget to also check out my list of places to find work at home mom jobs that I shared recently.
  27. If you work form home what suggestions do you have for someone trying to get started making real money at home while raising their family.

By the way, are you a blogger and wanting to take it to the next level in 2014? Check out my friend Kelli’s collection of 40 Free Kindle eBooks for Bloggers. I’ve already downloaded some of the books on her list!



    1. You are very welcome LuAnne. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  1. This is a great line up of books worth checking out. I haven’t actually read any of them, but they have some nice amount of reviews on them stating that they are worth getting. Thank you for taking the time to round these up.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    What an awesome roundup this is. There is so much helpful information all in one place!

  3. I wish I would have seen this years ago. I am always looking for ways to earn more for my family.

  4. There are some great books here – I’ve read a few of them. It IS possible to work from home and be a mom at the same time! We have so many more opportunities than even 15 years ago, and it’s such a great thing to see!

  5. This is such a great resource. Working from home is a great way to add income to a household while taking care of the kids. You have to be able to juggle, though! LOL

  6. This is a great line up of books. I think often people think that it is easy to work from home and they will achieve instant financial security. It is very very hard and a lot of work, but doable

  7. These are some really helpful resource. It can be pretty overwhelming at first and the balance is always a challenge.

  8. What a great list! Most of these are already on my Kindle. I have been working off and on from home for about 20 years and solely for the last 7 or 8. I can be a lot harder than people imagine it would be. Sure, there is lots of coffee and yoga pants, but even that can get annoying some days. lol

  9. What a great resource. I have a friend who’s considering working from home. I will share this with her.

  10. I love this list. I am always looking for ways to make a little extra cash or even to help fellow friends broaden their online skills.

  11. Wow! What a list. This is definitely going to be very helpful. And thanks for sharing your friend’s ebooks for bloggers as well. Going to check that out.

  12. Working from home is the best thing I ever did for myself. It took some time to get going but now that I am making an income, it was worth all of the hard work that I still put in daily. I love it!

  13. Excellent list.

    Over the years I have watched many people make money using Etsy.com

    Some of the products that people sell on there are amazing!

  14. Such an awesome list! I’m totally forwarding this to some of my mama friends that have been asking about ways to start making money from home!

  15. What a great list! I’m pretty sure these ebooks had helped so many mommas out there. I have to check these out. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. I have worked from home for more than 23 years. I love it. But not everyone has the motivation to make it work. I would advise people to consider that before they enter the world of telecommuter.

  17. I love it. Definitely plan on checking them out since I am looking for some ideas on how I can improve my business.

  18. CourtneyLynne says:

    Wow!!! What a great list!!! So many ways one can make some money at home. I had no idea about a lot of these.

  19. Great roundup! I’m always looking for ways to increase our income.

  20. This is a great list of resources! I’ve really enjoyed the extra income I’ve made from blogging over the past couple of years.

  21. Yona Williams says:

    Oh wow, people can make $1000 from Fivver…I might have to check out that e-book. This is a great resource for at-home workers. Pinned this!

  22. Super list! I’m pinning this and will be checking some of these out for sure.

    I’m visiting from My Turn For Fun’s Freedom Fridays Blog Hope.

    I would love to invite you to join us and share each week at Brag About It link party on VMG206 (Mondays at Midnight).

    ~ Megin of VMG206

  23. I have some friends who are trying to sell their handmade products. I will have to direct them to the books you mentioned.

  24. These are wonderful resources! Thanks for sharing!

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