Diagnosed with Dyslexia: Must Have Dyslexia Resources for Parents

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Do you have a child with dyslexia?  Are you struggling to get him/her help, especially in public school? Do you find your school system’s chain of command intimidating when your student needs their help the most? Tired of all the red tape?

I have been there! I can help you navigate this overwhelming and confusing topic, especially in the public school systems.

We live in Texas and our now 12 year old was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was in second grade. Well, I should say the diagnosis came the first round of second grade. The clues were there in Kindergarten. These clues were pretty obvious in first grade. By the beginning of second grade (the first time) it was very obvious, but the hurdles and push back were ridicules.  And I was a very involved parent in the school who the staff knew very well. I felt very swept under the rug.

dyslexia resources for parents

It was hard to get meetings- or at least the right kind of meetings. It was a challenge to be heard- and listened to. It was a struggle to be taken as a serious concern or issue. Or at least until the school decided it was important.

After lots of push back and frustration, by the time our child reached third grade, significant progress was finally starting to take place. We had him in the right program. We had effective means of communication identified. We had boundaries and expectations clearly established.  Modifications and accommodations were respected and followed. And, it did not hurt that in third grade we had a teacher on our side who was fully supportive of not only my expectations as a parent, but truly loved being a part of our child’s growth and success.

In order to make this happen, it required a hefty and relentless amount of persistence on my part. Even when authoritative  administration told me no. And no again. And again.

Although we homeschool now, I know the heartache and frustration you feel. I know how complicated the schools, the local government and Federal government make this process.  Listen to me when I tell you this; DO NOT GIVE UP! You are your child’s voice. If you are frustrated, imagine how frustrated he/she is as the student. They deserve fair and equal rights to a quality education.

Here is a collection of the resources I used to get through this process.

Dyslexia Resources

  1. 4 Resource Books for Parents of Dyslexic Children
  2. How to Plan, Prepare and Organize for a Section 504 Meeting
  3. 12 Accommodation and Modifications for Dyslexic Children
  4. How to Ask for Accommodations and Modification in School
  5. How a Scribe Can Help Dyslexic Children
  6. ChromaGen Vision Glasses
  7. Free Spelling Website

I hope that you find this collection of posts helpful in your journey. If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, I hope you will share it with them.

I also encourage you to read more about our personal journey. Read about some of our toughest times with dyslexia and some of our greatest dyslexia successes.


  1. Thank you for speaking out on this important topic. I plan to feature this post in the Afterschool host round up next week.

  2. Thanks so much for putting this together, Crystal! I hope it helps a lot of parents! I will be featuring it on Monday’s After School linky.

    1. Being a parent who was faced with this in the public school system and outside of the school system, I know how lost a parent can feel. If my story helps one family, my goal is met.

  3. melissa hill says:

    Wow that was like reading my son an I’s life story. Connor is ten and in fourth grade and you just retold our lives from 1st grade to present. It is nice to know we are not alone. Thankyou.

    1. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I know how hard it is. Just stay on top of it. You are your child’s voice.

  4. melissa hill says:

    I would like to try reading ally but it is a bit exspensive…should the school have to pay for it or should I?

    1. Have you tried the library? That should be free. Also used book stores may have these for half or less the price.

      I bet you could see if your school counselor has them and could maybe loan them to you?

  5. I would like to say as a mother of a dyslexic daughter going to school in the 90’s it IS hard to get the education they deserve. After withdrawing from college myself, I advocated for my daughter, she thrived, she graduated high school on the A B honor roll MID TERM her senior year! Yes there were many tears both hers and mine, happy and sad. We made it. There is a school with a summer school program for children with the CHARACTERISTICS of dyslexia. It is located in Hindman, KY I was SOO happy to find it, it also helped her self esteem. KNOWING she wasn’t alone. Hope this helps.

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