20 Totally Awesome Tooth Fairy Ideas

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Well…it was a bittersweet week last week here in our house. Matthew lost both his first and second tooth. All in one moment.

He was determined once he figured out the teeth were loose to get them out of there. In a way I thought this day would not come. Losing teeth for children means money but for us moms means these babies are growing up.

Their little smiles take a drastic change only to eventually progress through the many stages of losing teeth, gaps, and of course those crooked smiles. (No worries, I have tooth fairy ideas you will love!)

tooth fairy ideas for kids

The tooth fairy has been a busy gal around our place for several years and with Matthew beginning his journey of losing teeth we are looking for some clever ways to incorporate the tooth fairy. The great thing about the tooth fairy is that it really gives us moms the option to encourage better brushing.

Check out these 20 Awesome Tooth Fairy Projects that will get your kids excited, involved, and taking care of their smiles!

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

1. You can easily make these Tooth Fairy Boxes for your children to store their lost teeth in. Red Ted Art

2. Your kids will have tons of fun with this Tooth Fairy Pack full of activities. 3 Dinosaurs

3. The kids can get involved in making these easy Tooth Fairy Pillows that make for a simple sewing project. A Mom With A Lesson Plan

4. Make this Sparkly Tooth Fairy Money that will be eye catching for your little one! Kids Activities Blog

5. Let the kids pretend play using this Tooth Fairy Finger Puppet complete with a castle. Lalymom

6. You can make this simple Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow perfect for storing those lost teeth. Buggy and Buddy

7. These Tooth Fairy Printables are great to use as notes from the tooth fairy. The House of Hendrix

8. Check out this super cute Tooth Fairy Box that will be forever treasured by your child as they lose their teeth! Teach Mama

9. Your kids can have fin drawing their own depictions of what they think the tooth fairy looks like using these Oil Pastel Tooth Fairies. Housing A Forest

10. Use these Magical Tooth Fairy Coins as a rewarding gift from your tooth fairy. Mama Pea Pod

20 tooth fairy ideas

11. The kiddos will get really excited about the tooth fairy with this Tooth Fairy Art Project. Buggy and Buddy

12. Looking for a different approach to the tooth fairy read this Why I Lie To My Kids, a personal excerpt from a local mom. Meaningful Mama

13. Use this idea to Leave A Note For The Tooth Fairy which is a great way to get them involved in heartfelt messages. Housing A Forest

14. This Magical Tooth Fairy Door Project is a perfect project for a tooth fairy invitation. Lovely Commotion

15. Check out this super cute DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow. Life With Moore Babies

16. Encouraging better brushing? Use this Message From the Tooth Fairy approach to get your kids involved in better dental hygiene. Teach Preschool

17. This Two Pocket Tooth Fairy Pillow is a great option for the older kids. Come Together Kids

18. Utilize these 10 Picture Books About Teeth Brushing as encouragement from the tooth fairy to take better care of their teeth. The Jenny Evolution

19. Your kids might become more excited about the tooth fairy through a day of celebration with Happy Tooth Fairy Day including great ideas and fun snacks. J Daniel 4’s Mom

20. Use this kids dentist in Layton Printable Pack to introduce teeth care and the tooth fairy. Royal Baloo

Do you have any great ideas for introducing the tooth fairy? Please share your approach!

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  1. Thank you for collating all these ideas. My little one is my only baby and I don’t want him to grow up! However, I’ve turned into one of those Mummy’s that makes every little thing into a celebration so now I can get organised in advance! Thanks for linking up to #featurefridays

  2. When I was a child, stores gave trading stamps that were saved in books to redeem for gifts. (Think S&H Green Stamps, for those who remember.). When I was an older child, not truly believing anymore but still enjoying the fun, my daddy put green stamps under my pillow along with a note from the “Tooth Fairy” explaining that the economy was tough and teeth weren’t bringing as much as they used to, so I was getting trading stamps instead of cash! I of course wrote back, explaining why this was unacceptable! This exchange went on for several nights until the “Tooth Fairy” relented and gave me some money. Those notes are one of my very fondest memories of my fun-loving daddy!

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