Elf on the Mantle Idea

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Looking for some super simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas that you can do in two minutes or less?

I hear ya!

This Elf on the Mantle idea is so easy. The kids will love this idea and so will you!

We have been doing this every year around Christmastime for over a decade. It’s become a Christmas tradition.

My kids wake up each morning looking forward to running through the house looking for Elf.

Where did he move to?

How was his flight to the North Pole overnight when he went back to see Santa and report their behavior?

Will it be easy to find Elf or is he hiding in a super hard place like our Elf dryer hiding spot. It’s a super fun idea.

Or maybe Elf is hiding outside in a tree? Such an easy elf idea!

When your kiddos find EOTS on the mantle, you could even have him waiting with some candy canes. What a sweet surprise!

What Age Should I Start Elf on the Shelf?

By the time a child is 3 they are old enough to participate in the EOTS activities.

At they age they wake up excited to search for the elf looking for him or her in a new spot.

My kids play along until they are teenagers. Once they are about 10 or 11 years old, they generally begin helping me hide the elf for the littler kids.

What If Your Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move?

Oh no. Did you forget to move Elf? Here are a list of excuses when Elf forgets to move.

What Are Good Names for Girl Elf on the Shelf

Here is a list of some of our favorite Girl Elf Names.

We have multiple elves, boys and girls and love the process of naming them!

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