20 Elf on the Shelf Girl Elf Names You’ll Love

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Needing a few new girl elf names for your adorable little Elf on the Shelf? Being able to give your elf their own name and personality is all part of the fun! After all, what’s everyone going to call the elf once they wake up every morning and discover all the shenanigans that were done the night before? Giving you girl elf an awesome name is one of the most important things to do!

Here are more Elf on the Shelf names.

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I know what you’re thinking…is it really that important to give your Elf on the Shelf a name? Don’t make the mistake of thinking this…I promise you that your children will want to know her name the second that they lay eyes on her.

Not only does a name make the experience that much more personal and fun but it also gives them something to call her and say about her and they’re telling everything that she does nightly to all your family and friends. (and there will be plenty of stories, trust me!) Your child is going to love talking all about their Christmas elf!

Christmas Elf Tips to Remember

Here’s the deal. Being a parent during the elf of the shelf time of year can get a bit crazy. Not only do we have buying presents on the brain but now we have to remember to move that elf every single night after the kids are in bed? It’s like being the tooth fairy for 25 days straight….but don’t let all the pressure worry you. Before diving in to the top girl elf names, I thought I’d pass along some great Christmas Elf tips to keep the holiday light and fun.

  • Don’t overthink it. Set an alarm on your phone to wake you up early and get it done. That way, it’s one less thing to remember.
  • If you forget to move your elf, it’s not the end of the world. Just have a reasoning on hand (like the elf must have overslept because she’s tired) to explain to your children and make certain to not let it happen two days in a row.
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20 Elf on the Shelf Girl Elf Names You’ll Love

There are seriously so many great girl elf names to choose from, but these 20 are some of my favorites. (and if you have a boy elf, don’t fret – we have great boy elf names for you to choose from, too!)

  1. Belle
  2. Blizzard
  3. Candy
  4. Cranberry
  5. Cupcake
  6. Elsa
  7. Giggles
  8. Jewel
  9. Jolly
  10. Lulu
  11. Mittens
  12. Molly
  13. Plum
  14. Prep
  15. Pudding
  16. Sneaky Sally
  17. Snowball
  18. Tilly
  19. Trixie
  20. Truffle

See how much fun you can have with choosing a girl elf name! Let me know what name you choose for your elf!

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