How to Use Candy as Cupcake Toppers- Lego Birthday Party

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Are you on the hunt for kids birthday party themes for your little one?

Even better, do you want to be able to do it on a budget?

If you’re throwing a Lego birthday party I have the perfect cupcake idea for you.

These DIY Lego cupcakes are a crowd pleaser.

For years we did big birthday parties on a budget at my house. Now, most of my kids are older and we do a lot of family birthday dinners and experiences, but we have so many amazing memories of the parties when they were little.

When my kids were little we did a lot of cupcakes instead of cakes for their birthday.

Cupcake toppers that you find at the store can be limiting and boring. I always want something special, something personal, something that says…. WOW!

With that said, I have learned to get creative when decorating my cupcakes.  Think outside the boring pix.I like to find my own way to bring my birthday party theme to life with my cupcakes!

One way to do that is to find a candy mold that matches your theme. You can buy plastic molds at craft and cake supply stores.

These molds are super easy to use for a variety of things! I’ve made candies, melted crayons, soaps, etc., with them!


Let me show you just how easy it is to make cupcakes for a Lego themed birthday party!

How to Make Lego Candy Cupcake Toppers

Melt your candy. I use a double boiler, you can do it in the microwave if you prefer.

Fill your molds… these molds are my favorite.

Let the candy cool 100%.  You will know they are cool when the candy is pulling away from the edge of the mold.

Place the candy on an iced cupcake and you are good to go!

If you are looking for a good birthday party cupcake recipe you should try the one I’ve used for years! It’s our favorite cupcake to make!

Need a good cupcake icing recipe? Try my buttercream icing recipe and then add food coloring to make it match your theme.

Tips for Melting Candy Wafers

  • Use a double boiler.
  • The microwave is an option for melting candy as well- I just prefer a double boiler. I can keep a better eye on the candy as it melts.
  • Use low/med-low heat.
  • If you cook it too fast and too high the candy will turn into a hard ball.
  • When using the stove method, stir often during the melting process. You do not have to stir constantly, but do give it a good stir every few minutes.
  • Once all of the candy has melted, it will stay creamy for longer than you think. If you are going to use an icing bag like I did to pipe the melted candy into your molds, let it cool 10 minutes or so. This will keep the candy from burning your hands as you squeeze it into the molds.
  • Another option for getting the melted candy into the mold is to use a plastic bottle designed specifically for melted candy wafers. These are the same bottles that some use when decorating cookies with icing. You can find them at a cake supply or craft store.
  • Once the molds are filled, place them in the fridge to hurry along the hardening process.
  • Planning a birthday party for your little one should not be stressful or break the bank! Here are some of our best tips for planning a Lego birthday party.

    Lego Party Favor Ideas

    The best birthday parties have the best party favors. And you do not have to break the bank with them.

    Some of the best goodies I’ve made were made by hand with love.

    These Lego party favors are always a hit!

    Great Ideas for Lego Games to Play

    Keep the kids active and entertained at the party with these 23 Lego party games and activities you can play!

    The parents will have fun joining in as well!

    DIY Cute Lego Costume

    Does the birthday boy or girl want to dress up like a Lego for their birthday?

    This DIY Lego costume can be made in an afternoon and is adorable!!

    Lego Birthday Cake Ideas

    Maybe you want to go with a cake instead of cupcakes for your little one’s party. Here are some awesome Lego Birthday Cake ideas you can create!

    And just like our cupcakes you can put the Lego candy toppers on your cake as well.

    And of course, cake and cupcakes pair perfectly with ice cream!


    1. Mama Bee Does says:

      I’ve never seen lego molds but then again I haven’t gone looking either. They turned out really good I bet your boys enjoyed them.

      1. Girl, you can find a mold for just about anything! Cake supply stores here in the North Texas area seem to have some of the best selections. I also love what I am finding on ebay!

    2. That is such a great lego party topper! Great job girl.

    3. Love these!

      For Faith’s birthday, we actually had a Perler Bead Houseparty. I was looking for ideas and when I got that offer, I combined the two. We made cupcake picks out of Perler Beads and toothpicks. Obviously, she’s 8 and her friends are pretty much 8 and up, so eating beads isn’t something I’m worried about anymore. ;o)

      Pics are here, if you’d like to see them:

      1. Shannon, I checked the out… super cute. Very creative!

      1. Thanks so much! They were fun to make and it was exciting to see how the kids loved them!

    4. Joe - says:

      My boys love Legos. Well, I’ll be honest, I love them too. This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Legos are fun…. until you step on them…..

        Thanks for reading.

    5. Kelly at Kelly's Lucky You says:

      Wow! Delicious and cute!!

    6. Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal says:

      I think I’ve asked before, but where do you find the time?

      1. Oh you know… in between bon bons and General Hospital you can get so much done! 🙂

    7. Such a great idea to use candy to decorate the top of cupcakes! Those molds are super fun too. I have the lego brick mold but I’ve never thought to use it to top cupcakes.

    8. Those cupcakes are so cute. I just top mine with sprinkles. I’ll have to start mixing it up some more. Thanks for the inspiration.

    9. I have seen those molds and have contemplated using them for making crayons….but it NEVER occurred to me to use them to make candy. Very clever–thanks for the great tip! We have lots of lego-crazy boys in our life and they will adore these!

      1. Candy wafers and molds are such an easy way to spruce up any cupcake!

        Thanks for stopping by!

    10. i love cupcakes. sooooo cute on top!

    11. I love this Crystal, this is such a great idea!!

      1. Thanks Brandy! You can do so much with candy wafers and molds! 🙂

    12. Those molds are awesome!

    13. I never thought of using candy molds as cupcake toppers! Brilliant! And you’re right…you can find a mold for anything. Great tip! I’m sharing with my readers during my round up post on Saturday!

    14. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for all the tips, tricks, and great ideas! I’m going to have to grab a few of those Lego molds on Ebay for myself! Jenn/Rook No. 17

    15. These are really cute. Those molds are adorable. What a find!


    16. Erin @ Making Memories says:

      I’m totally going to go buy those molds right now! My son would freak out if I made Lego chocolates! Very cute!!!

      1. Let him freak! It will be so much fun to eat chocolate legos!
        Thanks for reading!

    17. This is a great idea even for older kids and adults! I’m thinking of buying ready made cupcakes and doing my own decorating. Love!

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    19. Missus Wookie says:

      This made me smile – I’ve used real LEGO toys (which are then gifts for the b’day kid) on a sheet cake with dowels holding the base plate up off the icing. I think I’m going to go looking for lego moulds for Ewok’s 19th birthday in a few months 😆

    20. Bead Barmy says:

      This is a truly fab idea (I found it on Tip Junkie’s homemade project post). I have been getting people to hold ‘sea and cakes’ parties to help raise money for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). This is a very inspiring idea to throw their way for something a little bit different!

    21. Marriah @ My Life Unzipped says:

      Those were great! I am planning a Lego party for my son and he love these!

    22. Mama Bee Does says:

      You’ve drawn me in to searching molds online (mainly ebay) :p

      1. It is addicting, isn’t it? Check out the lady I bought from if you’re looking for Lego molds. She has buy it now and free fast shipping. 🙂 Can’t beat that.

    23. What a brilliant idea! I love these moulds! I need to start looking around more – never seen anything like them before!

      I would love if you came over and linked this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:
      Have a great week!
      Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    24. Those turn out great! I think my kids would love them!

    25. Lea Whittaker says:

      Have you ever used hard candy like jolly ranchers or life savers? Was wondering if I could melt the hard candies and pour it into the molds and let harden??

      1. Lea- I have never done that, but I have seen it done in other tutorials on other blogs. I bet it would work. Worth a try.

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