LEGO Birthday Cake Ideas We Love

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If LEGO has worked its magic on your family, chances are you’ll be including the colored bricks at a birthday party and you’ll need a themed cake…a LEGO cake. Just like the real deal, LEGO birthday cakes can come in many forms; NINJAGO FIGURES, the MILLENNIUM FALCON and the DEATH STAR are a few popular potentials but remember the more detail, the more involved the process will be. Sure, you can order one from a bakery but the square, rectangle and circle shapes are fairly simple for the home baker to replicate. Need a few ideas to get started? Here you go!

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas

The BUILDING BLOCK shaped cake is pretty straight forward. Use a 9 x 13 pan. Cut the cake into thirds for rectangular bricks. When frosted, a small round cookie or large marshmallows cut in half will look like studs. Make an arrangement by stacking a couple of bricks. Heat buttercream frosting and pour it over your brick cake. It hardens quickly so stay focused.

Cover a SQUARE cake with fondant bricks and minifigures. You can also make individual small squares or cupcakes; top them with fondant decorations or make it really easy and crown the frosting with a minifigure. Kids won’t complain if they get to take the little guy home!

Bake the cake in the NUMERICAL shape of the birthday child’s age. Cover it with fondant, except add bricks to some of the edges. Roll back part of the fondant frosting and add bricks to the exposed area. Including a few LEGO construction vehicles and figures is a really cute way to carry a theme.

Decorate a CIRCLE shaped cake’s sides with colored fondant rectangles—no need to add studs on these pieces. Instead, cover the cake top with green fondant and a pattern of studs so it looks like a base plate. Embellish with a few fondant LEGO squares.

A LEGO SORT AND STORE HEAD is just a couple of different sized round cakes. Add yellow frosting/fondant and the iconic facial details.

Two different sizes of circle cakes, stacked, can also represent a MINIFIGURE. Add fondant arms, hair, facial details and clothing. Another minifigure technique uses a sheet cake. Make a template in the shape you want, lay it over the cake and use a serrated knife. Frost and decorate to give it personality.

One more possibility for forming character cakes is to forgo traditional cake batter and use Rice Krispie treats. Generally, make the treats with marshmallows (no Karo), and press them firmly into square pans. When they have cooled, stack and carve them into the desired shapes. For a more smooth appearance, crumb coat with buttercream frosting before adding the fondant layers.

Want the inside of the cake to look like the colorful bricks? A checkerboard cake pan set does the work. You can make edible bricks to embellish your cake, too. Use a LEGO silicone mold and chocolate melts or roll out fondant (pre-made or your own recipe). Use a knife to cut the brick shape or a small square cookie cutter; cut the resultant fondant square in half if you want a rectangle. Use a real brick to make stud impressions. If you want the studs to have greater dimension, use the “wrong” end of a frosting tip (a #8 or 10 is about the right size) to cut out the small circles.

Bake a LEGO cake?  You can do it!

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