25 Things to Make With Essential Oils

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Do you use essential oils in your home?

We do! They are wonderful! There are so many benefits to essential oils and they are used in so many ways. We use them in different oil diffusers around the house and I even discovered a portable oil diffuser that attaches by USB. Super cool!

Essential oils are a big part of our daily life and the wellness properties are amazing. There are so many ways to use essential oils other than in water or your diffuser.

Here are twenty-five things you can make with essential oils. Some of these are things are things you likely never thought of. (Wondering where you can buy essential oils online? Here is where I get my oils.)

things to make with essential oils

25 Things to Make With Essential Oils

1. Homemade Natural Sunscreen– this is quick and easy to make and much healthier than store bought. Crystal & Co. 

2. Homemade Bug Spray– perfect for those who are prone to bug bites and to keep them away. Crystal & Co. 

3. Homemade Lip Balm– super simple and makes enough to share! The Rising Spoon

4. Bath Salts– a great gift idea and relaxation method. Mainly Homemade

5. Sugar Scrubs– great for taming dry cracked skin. Premeditated Leftovers

6. Dryer Sheets– cut down your costs and with essential oils and these are super eco-friendly! Pop Sugar

7. Homemade Natural Whitening Toothpaste– go Earth friendly and keep those teeth nice and white. Mom 4 Real

8. Carpet Freshener– keep your house looking and smelling great plus it can kill fleas! Crystal & Co.

9. Citronella Candles– ward off pesky mosquitoes naturally and effectively. Passion For Savings

10. Bath Bombs– super easy to make and only uses a few ingredients. She Uncovered

11. Dust Spray– save money easily with this one and its chemical free! DIY Natural

12. Soy Wax Candles– so easy and the aroma will last twice as long as store bought candles. Swoon Worthy

13. Pain Relieving Muscle Rub– simple and a quick remedy for aches and pains. Healthy Living Body and Mind

14. Perfume– roll on a little essential oil of your choice for a quick smelling fragrance. Don’t Mess With Mama

15. ‘Vicks’ Shower Disks– kick cold and flu season this winter with this all natural remedy. Practically Functional

25 amazing things to make using essential oils

16. Shaving Cream– get a close and super smooth shave with this one. Crystal & Co. 

17. Air Freshener– keep your home smelling great with this simple recipe. Brown Thumb Mama 

18. Shampoo– avoid those commercially made products to keep your hair healthy. Premeditated Leftovers

19. Calming Play Dough For Kids– perfect for a little hands on before bed or naptime. Crystal & Co. 

20. Homemade Liquid Hand Soap– there is no skimping on this antibacterial soap. Crystal & Co. 

21. Dishwasher Soap – a great way to cut your costs on expensive dish washing. Crystal & Co. 

22. Body Butter– moisturize your skin with this stuff and it goes a long way. Mama Dweeb

23. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer– won’t dry out your hands! One Good Thing by Jillee

24. Makeup Remover Pads– these all natural pads work great for any skin type. One Good Thing by Jillee

25. Deodorizing Sachets– great for smelly shoes, the car, or even just a room deodorizer. The Homemade Experiment

Do you use essential oils for something fabulous in your home? Please share!


More Ways to Use Essential Oils

Here are more awesome ways to use essential oils in your home and more educational information so that you know the amazing goodness of oils.

essential oil use chart



    1. DIY deodorant is on my list. Thank you so much for sharing!

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