V is for Veggie Vase (Preschool Letter of the Week Snack)

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Each week we are learning all about a new letter of the alphabet. This week we are working hard on exploring Letter V. We do a new project each day to help with letter recognition as well as the sounds of each letter. Learning all there is to know about letter /v/ is not complete without a yummy snack to go right along with all of our other fun activities!

The snack is part of the learning fun too! Your preschooler will absolutely love them! Such a healthy snack option too!

V is for veggie vase! Easy right?! They will love this healthy snack! Here is how we made this one up!

You will need:

  • baby carrots
  • grape tomatoes
  • celery (already cut into pieces or cut some yourself)
  • cucumber slices
  • a few toothpicks
  • short plastic cups
  • ranch dip
  • cream cheese(optional)

First place some of your ranch dip in the bottom of each cup. Then begin placing in a few celery sticks. These cups were wide so we added several pieces of celery to make our vase pretty!

You will then start inserting the toothpicks into your veggies. You can add a few tomatoes to one toothpick. You will then insert the toothpicks into the celery base your created at first. Easy peasy!

We cut a few edges off the cucumbers so that they would resemble flowers. You could get really creative and use a fancy cookie cutter or just keep it simple.

The cream cheese is an optional ingredient, but if you wanted you could add a slice of carrot to each cucumber as a flower center. We learned you needed a good bit of cream cheese to make it stick! You will then insert your toothpick into the cucumber flower and add it to your celery sticks too!

This is such a healthy option for snacking with kids. My kids just love dipping veggies and ranch or even hummus. This is the stuff I can’t keep enough stock of in my refrigerator!

So there you have it! Easy and simple with the veggies and dip all in one vase just right for the little guys! This seriously took only minutes to make and it my youngest was waiting anxiously for it to be done! Isn’t it such a cute veggie vase?

I have said this before that snack time is a hit for my guys. They love it! Since this was an all-in-one type of snack we took it outside to enjoy some sunshine during snack time. The idea of the veggie vase had this little guy smiling and he wanted to “smell the flowers!”

The perfect snack for learning all about about letter /v/! Definitely a healthy snack you could pair with other dips or even add grapes instead of tomatoes if your preschooler wants something different!

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